The EchoStone Housing System utilizes four specialized construction materials:

  1. EchoStone Aercrete 625 CLC Machine
  2. High-quality technical polymer Formwork
  3. Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC)
  4. Innovative construction materials

EchoStone CLC has been rigorously tested by the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute. Our materials received top grades.


About Our Construction Materials

The innovative EchoStone Aercrete 625 CLC Machine is designed to consistently and continuously produce concrete at high velocity in any environment.

Our Advantages:

  • A mobile, computerized, in-situ concrete-production Machine (“a concrete factory on wheels”) that enables on-site concrete production versus trucked-in delivery
  • Consistent, high-quality, vertically-capable, self-leveling, and continuous, monolithic (not batch) pours in any location and any environment
  • Concrete production between 12 to 25m³ per hour depending on the density of CLC desired, which is equivalent to the pace of five standard concrete trucks
  • Ability to produce a wide range of densities, which creates multiple uses across a wide range of applications such as roads, sidewalks, foundation slabs, walls, and roofs
  • Long-reach pump: 60m vertically and 200m horizontally
  • Integration into the EchoStone construction process with Formwork to provide sustained, rapid housing construction at significant scale
  • Greatly-reduced material transportation costs and waste
  • Use of readily-available, locally-sourced materials

Our composite forms enable consistent, high-quality concrete pours

Important characteristics:

  • Universally applicable: flexible forming of design of walls, columns, and slabs using a single system
  • Ergonomic in all respects: lightweight (gender neutral), crane-free handling, and intuitive application
  • Reusable and easy replacement of form lining (white material): supports up to 300 pours and is recylcable at end-of-product life cycle
  • Composite form material (black material): made from the highest-quality technical polymers with an estimated life cycle of ten years
  • Thermal stability at wide temperature ranges (-30°c to 70°c)

EchoStone Concrete is a variant of concrete called Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC). CLC was invented in Sweden in 1904 and is created by “blowing” pressurized air (bubbles) into concrete as it mixes. Those air bubbles allow CLC to retain traditional concrete’s strength characteristics and functional properties while offering certain advantages as measured against traditional concrete. EchoStone CLC is high-quality concrete researched, mixed, and designed with state-of-the-art processes and technology.

EchoStone incorporates EchoStone CLC exclusively due to its:

  • Superior characteristics for housing in traditionally difficult geographical environments
  • Reduced raw material requirements
  • Reduced carbon footprint as compared to traditional concrete construction
  • Low-cost and low-energy requirements

CLC advantages as compared to traditional concrete:

  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint; requires no coarse aggregate material and is less energy-intensive to produce
  • Substantially reduced drying speed, enabling faster construction
  • Improved thermal insulation against both cold and heat
  • Hydrophobic properties; i.e. does not absorb water from rain or flooding, dries within hours, and limits potential for microbial growth
  • Superior fire resistance and soundproofing qualities; EchoStone CLC is rated “A1” in fire safety
  • The same tremendous compression and tensile strength with improved safety against natural disasters due to lower density (e.g. tsunami, hurricane, earthquake)

EchoStone is committed to ongoing R&D to research and employ the highest-quality, most-sustainable and innovative construction materials. An example includes the research of monofilament polypropylene fibers.

The use of polypropylene fillers will (mostly) eliminate iron rebar in EchoStone house walls, further shortening construction times and reducing storing, warehousing, and logistical challenges. Additional and significant CO2 savings will be achieved by the use of polypropylene fillers instead of iron rebar in EchoStone houses.

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